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The Idaho Women 100 Campaign

 Idaho Women 100 is a celebration and commemoration of the 100th anniversary of 19th amendment to the US Constitution which ratified the women’s right to vote. History informs our future and helps to build the lives we seek to live. May Idaho’s courageous past lead us to an unlimited future.




In 1896, Idaho became the fourth state in the nation to give women the right to vote. The period before national suffrage witnessed some of Idaho's most significant historical events that still impact the lives of Idahoans today. In 1898, Idahoans elected Permeal French as the first woman Superintendent of Public Instruction; and Mary Wright, Harriet Noble and Clara Campbell to the Idaho House of Representatives, where they made significant impacts in the areas of education, literacy and social justice.


  • Idaho Women 100 will highlight Idaho’s early role in the national suffrage movement by building the permanent archive collection and preservation of women’s history and suffrage in the state of Idaho.

  • We will celebrate and honor historic and current women of Idaho and their role in making Idaho the state it is today.




In 2020 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, enshrining the right of women to vote. This is the time to honor and recognize women leaders of our past and present who, through their skill, conviction, empathy and determination, have had significant, positive impacts on Idahoans, personally and professionally. Idaho Women 100 aims to impact the current state of gender equality in Idaho.


  • Through collective and nonpartisan efforts, we will increase women’s civic engagement by encouraging women to exercise their right to vote and to run for elected office.

  • Through awareness, education, and commitment we will advance women’s leadership in public service, education, business, and corporate sectors.




It is in the State of Idaho's interest to foster women leaders of the future and advance their leadership. Idahoans today are proud of their storied history and demonstrate their continued spirit and perseverance in creating Idaho's and the nation's future. Idaho Women 100 will demonstrate the long-term effects of the suffrage movement in creating equality.


  • The legacy of Idaho Women 100 will live on through the creation of our legacy projects which include a monument, a documentary film, and a commemorative book.

  • Through these projects, we will celebrate Idaho as a leader in the national suffrage movement and women’s leadership today.

  • Idaho Women 100 will achieve these goals through collective impact of organizations across Idaho.



We call on organizations to endorse, share, and use this statement to demonstrate their support of the Idaho Women 100 campaign and their commitment to honoring the contributions of women in the state of Idaho.


Endorsing this campaign in principle is the first step. We encourage you to adapt and incorporate these ideas into projects, training materials, mission statements, websites, marketing materials, and other organizational efforts. Endorse the campaign and demonstrate your commitment to advancing women's leadership and taking action at the local level.



"Suffrage is the pivotal right."

- Susan B. Anthony

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